Wedding photographer in Denmark.
Amazing state located in the cold of Scandinavia. In the photos it looks like, a toy. Small neat houses with red tiled roofs, narrow straits, bicycles, flowers - all of Denmark. A more permafrost, snow and glaciers. The climate is harsh, though, but it does not take fabulousness in these places. It is, therefore, a wedding in Denmark will feel the real magic of Anderson's fairy tales.
I continue to travel to Scandinavia and here I also have plans to shoot. Yes, now your favorite wedding photographer in Denmark! So book your date of shooting, as soon as possible, to align the photo session. If you're wondering why I'm here now, I would say that there is nothing strange in this. In addition to natural beauty, lovely architecture, there is also a very loyal to the conditions for marriage. Minimum package of documents, the low state fee for registration of marriage, simple legalization. All this makes it attractive for a family in the country, well, where the wedding there and I, your wedding photographer in Denmark.
Very interesting it is the northern part of the Danish island - Greenland. There is always snow and cold, sun and little trees, but here the vast snowy expanses of sea and human warmth. People here are very kind and friendly. Stunning landscapes with glaciers, wonderful landscapes and your desire to register their marriage in the northern exotic and pulled me. With great pleasure we spend here photographing, yours truly, a wedding photographer in Denmark - Julia Prokopova.